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Welcome to, your one stop shop for everything Ice Foxx related! Here you will find all the information you'll need to accurately represent any of my other characters in your work.

What started as a make shift character stats sheet in a long forgotten text file on my server has, over the years, expanded into the website you're at today.

The character sheet that has the most information is Ice Foxx, because that's the character I identify with the most. For the most part, all the other chracters have similar attributes unless stated otherwise.

This is really only a rough guideline and I'm not too terribly strict about it all. If you've got some awesome idea I say go for it! ^.^

Keyboard Shortcuts

On submissions pages you may use your left and right arrow keys to navigate between submissions.

Content Classifications

This website is intended to be viewed by those of legal age. The NSFW button in the menu will filter out the more adult themed content from the site.

Some other parts of the site, specifically the NSFW sections in the character pages, will also be hidden when the NSFW filter is turned off.

Some submissions will have an designation in the lower right of the thumbnail or next to the title on the submission page. The definition of these icons are as follows:
  • - The submission is less than a week old.
  • - The submission contains adult content and will only be viewable if NSFW submissions are turned on.
  • - The submission is an animated GIF
  • - The submission is a good example of the character and can be used a reference.
  • - The submission is an audio album.
  • - The media in the submission is available on Patreon for subscribers, often in a higher quality format.
  • - Prints are available to purchase.


I make my best effort to credit all artwork in the gallery with, at very least, a link back to the artists website/art site profile. If available, I will link back to the original submission as well.

Below is a list of the artists that have contributed to other areas of the site:

Kiyone Scarlet - Splash Page Artwork [View]
Racoonwolf - Website Background [View]