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The Arkhive

The Arkhive

The Arkhive is an everyday fact of life in Korrent City. They are always entirely covered with a rubber coating, but the rest remains somewhat of a mystery. They are a minority in Korrent City as most of the population are furries. They are humanoid, and some say that they are in fact human under all that rubber. Although they can operate independently off of the grid, their capabilities are enhanced when networked with each other. Friction lies between The Arkhive and other factions, but they aren't at all out war. Most everyone is trying to get along day-by-day with as little hassle as possible.

There appear to be distinct units or squads based on the different combinations of gear being worn, but the number of these makes it almost impossible to classify them all. There also appear to be colour coded squads. These squads are colloquially known as Colour-Coded Division Assignments or CCDAs.

Reports show that they are created in vats of black primordial ooze, a substance whose molecular structure cannot be analyzed. Fresh drones are secrete this black slime for weeks or months after coming online. They also do not have a CCDA designation right away. It appears that is left until the black ooze has dissipated.


Faction NameThe Arkhive
PronounsThey / Them / It / Its
Known CCDAs
Yellow [Art] [Photos]
Red [Photos]
Black [Photos]
Pink [Photos]


InformationThe body types of The Arkhive are various but one thing is common amongst all members, they’re always completely encased in rubber. New drones secrete a mysterious black slime.


TopsCowls (optional)
BottomsVarious but usually rubber based
AccessoriesVarious forms of gas masks and breathing apparatuses. Industrial gloves, rubber boots, waders, and other types of rubberized protective gear.