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Ice Foxx

Ice Foxx

Ice Foxx is my main character. Created in 2004, Ice was my first fursona and still the one I identify with the most. Most of Ice's traits exactly mirror my own. If you ever see me using first person pronouns I'm referring to Ice Foxx unless stated otherwise. Speaking of pronouns, Ice is femme non-binary and while feminine pronouns are preferred, they / them also works.

Ice a music producer and DJ, and has a residency at an underground club in Korrent City. She’s also the team’s resident IT expert and hacker. She hasn’t come across a computer system in Korrent City that she couldn’t crack.

Ref Sheet


Official NameJamie "Ice Foxx" Vixen
a.k.aIce Foxx, IceFoxx, IceFox, NievaFoxx, Nieva Foxx, JΛMIEvx
SpeciesRed Fox
BirthdaySeptember 1st
PronounsShe / Her / They / Them
Sexual OrientationDemi Sexual / Panromantic
LocationKorrent City
RoleProgrammer, Hacker, Defacto Mech Mechanic
Significant Other(s)Frosthoof


Height6ft 1in (not including ears)
Weight150 lbs
TypeThin and toned
Tail LengthA fluffy 3ft
Left Eye ColourGreen
Right Eye ColourBlue
Main Fur ColourYellow-Orange to Red-Orange
Natural Hair ColourBrown
Dyed Hair ColourUsually Pink and Green bangs or tips in the front
Paw ColourDark Brown
Pawpad ColourBlack
Under Fur ColourWhite
Tail Tip ColourWhite
Ear Tip ColourDark Brown
Nose ColourBlack
Muzzle MarksBlack
Breast SizeB cup


TopsCasual girly tees, crop tops, and tanks.
BottomsPleated mini-skirts, tights, leg warmers, short shorts, and sneakers.
AccessoriesWristbands, fingerless gloves, and bracelets.
JacketsHoodies (zip-up, pull-over, or sleeveless)
MaterialsLoves latex and PVC clothes. Anything glossy really. Spandex is also good. Not averse to wearing more common fabrics as well.