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Aidan Dalmatian

Aidan Dalmatian

Aidan is the biotech engineer of the group. He is one of the more assertive members of the team and isn’t afraid to make his opinion known. He can be brash, but also a sweet guy when it comes the people he cares about the most.

As the biotech engineer, he’s well versed in biology and how the latest tech interfaces with each different species. He has a fascination with The Arkhive, as they appear to be a hybrid of biology & technology, and remain quite a mystery to most. Also, as the one with the most knowledge about biology, he is often times the group’s de facto medic.


Official NameAidan Dalmatian
SpeciesCanine (Dalmatian)
PronounsHe / Him
Sexual OrientationPansexual
LocationKorrent City
RoleBiotech Engineer / Medic


Height6ft 1in (not including ears)
Weight155 lbs
TypeThin and toned
Tail Length3ft
Eye ColourLight Blue
Main Fur ColourWhite
Secondary Fur ColourBlack
Ear ColourBlack
Nose ColourBlack
Paw-Pad ColourBlack


TopsLatex t-shirts, neon mesh raver tank tops, regular t-shirts, or nothing!
BottomsLatex jogging pants, latex jeans, camouflage pants, or cargo shorts.
AccessoriesBlack rubber collar with bone tag, glowsticks, LED illuminated visor, and boots.
JacketsLatex Hoodies