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Frosthoof is a mostly black Shire Horse stallion. His mane and tail are also black, though he has a white snip and star with partial blaze on his face. He is known as Frosthoof because of the white feathering he has down his forearms and shins down to his black hooves.

Frosthoof is the strong, silent type, an expert in weapons, and doesn't suffer fools gladly. When there’s a need for some extra firepower, Frosthoof is the guy to go to. His knowledge of various forms of weaponry assures the team that they’ll always have the right “tool” for the job. Just be sure to stay on his good side!


Official NameFrosthoof
SpeciesShire Horse
PronounsHe / Him
LocationKorrent City
RoleWeapons Expert
Significant OtherIce Foxx


Height6ft 3in (not including ears)
Weight175 lbs
Tail Length3ft
Left Eye ColourGreen
Right Eye ColourBlue
Primary ColourBlack
Mane ColourBlack
Hoof ColourBlack
Star and Snip ColourWhite
Feathering ColourWhite


TopsT-shirts (latex or otherwise), polos, and cowls.
BottomsBlack latex jeans, cargo shorts, or chaps.
AccessoriesUsually seen wearing his tack (bit, bridle, reins, and harness).
JacketsBomber jacket